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World Class SUMMER ON FIRE!!

World Class SUMMER ON FIRE!!

Summer days bring hot discounts on all VIP membership!Regular price: 3099 kn VIP annual membership 2899 knRegular price: 1799 kn VIP six-month membership 1599 knRegular price: 1300 kn VIP three-month membership 1100 knRegular price: 499 kn VIP monthly membership 449...



Start the summer with a fit decision and train under special conditions until the end of the year. VIP membership until the end of 2022 for only 1699 kn !!Membership includes: Unlimited use of the gym Unlimited use of group tranings Unlimited use of the sauna...

World Class  LIFT UP

World Class LIFT UP

With warmer days, we bring you an irresistible offer at a great price !! Buy a six-month membership and we'll push you with the MONTH free !! 6 monthly VIP membership + 1 MONTH free For only  1799 kn he uses all services unlimited for 7 monthsMembership includes:...

World Class DAY TIME

World Class DAY TIME

Start your morning with healthy habits and stay fit. Recreate in the gym… .join group workouts… .. relax in the spa area. Annual DAY TIMEmembership –  2299 KN  Annual DAY TIMEmembership includes the use of ALL facilities (swimming pool, sauna, gym and group training)....

Working hours on 30.05.2020. 


12:00 – 20:00 h

Group classes will not be on that day.

Group training


When you become our member, you get free access to our wide array of group training programs. Our fitness programs are the most in-demand on the market and serve as the basis on which we’re constantly building new and inspiring workout methods. We truly believe that inspired people achieve their goals. If you’re having fun with getting in shape, you’re on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. We constantly provide the incentive to help your maintain your lifestyle.

We want to make participating in all our programs possible for everyone, regardless of the experience level. Our instructors are aware that every client needs to set his or her own workout pace. If you’re not familiar with any of the exercises, please remember that sustained exercise leads to perfection. Next time, it will be easier.


Training with a personal trainer is unlike any training program you might have done by yourself. Your personal trainer’s only task is to motivate you to get the results you want. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to define your muscles, become a star on the dance floor, work on your golf stroke, or improve you marathon time – our personal trainers can help. They can also provide assistance if you’re recuperating from an injury as well as with prevention exercises. If you’re a runner, imagine having a coach who can advise you on the training regime for runner’s knee sufferers. Imagine having someone who knows what kind of fitness program is suitable for pregnant women and is an expert on the diet for women who want to get back in shape after pregnancy. You can freely get to know other personal trainers as well. Finding the right solution for your needs is essential, but it’s equally as important that our personal trainers make you feel relaxed and ready to work out.

Personal training



Massage is the easiest way to relax and preserve your health. The word ‘massage’ comes from the Arabic word massa, meaning touch. Massage has been around since the dawn of man – there are mentions of it in all ancient cultures, from India, Greece, China, Egypt, and Rome, all the way to the Middle East. When triggered by touch, millions of receptors in the skin send signals to the brain, which then responds by stimulating the secretion of endorphins – hormones of happiness and good mood. This is why massage has a powerful effect on the nervous system – it can calm you down and reduce the level of harmful stress hormones in the body. Stress, one of the most common problems of modern life, is known to cause various health problems and illnesses, primarily endocrine and cardiovascular system diseases. Massage is an excellent natural remedy for stress and can help prevent various diseases. Choose one of our massage types and enjoy the pleasant environment of our center.

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    World Class fitness & spa is located in the heart of the city within the Westin Hotel. On more than 1400m2 we offer fitness & wellness services at the highest level.

    The SPA part, which includes a large swimming pool, two saunas and a relaxation area, will satisfy all your needs for relaxation. The fitness part brings a whole new level to the industry. An aerobic room, cycling room and gym will satisfy all your desires whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete.

    The complete offer has been expanded with a rich schedule of group trainings under the expert guidance of our coaches.

    By introducing new ways of healthy and quality life, we invite you to join our World Class family!

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